Much like the Yamaha 01V, the 01V96 is a compact digital mixer with 16 1/4″ TRS Phone line level inputs and 12 XLR Mic preamps. In addition, 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O are provided on the rear. A Mini-YGDAI card slot enables users to expand the mixers I/O section when necessary. 16 I/O Series cards provide 16 additional digital inputs and outputs of either ADAT, TDIF or AES/EBU formats. 8 Channel I/O cards are available as well and include analog I/O as well.

The 01V96 takes advantage of the world of high resolution digital recording with full 24-bit 96 kHz operation. Two internal effects engines (four internal in low-resolution mode) provide pristine 24-bit 96 kHz effects such as reverb, chorus, distortion, delay and more. All input channels on the 01V96 feature flexible, independent compression and gating/ducking processors for full dynamics control on input or during mix down.


  • Total # Of Inputs; Up to 40 total line inputs: 16 balanced 1/4″ TRS (standard)
  • Mic/Line Inputs: 16 balanced 1/4″ TRS line inputs: 12 Mono, 16 Stereo Paired, 12 balanced XLR microphone inputs
  • Main/Monitor Out: L/R balanced 1/4 TRS outputs (“monitor”), L/R balanced XLR outputs (“stereo outputs”)
    AUX Sends
    4 1/4″ Phone omni outputs can be used for routing signal to external processors. The 6 internal AUX sends are automatically routed to the 2 internal DSP effects processors.
  • AUX Returns: Returning signal from external processors is permitted via any input channel (1-16). The optional I/O card inputs can be used as external AUX returns as well. Internal AUX Returns are also pre-routed and are accessible via fader control.
    1/4″ TRS Phone Inserts: Mono Channels 1 through 12
  • Stereo Out XLR: Balanced Stereo L/R
  • 2-TRK RCA: L/R RCA pin jacks
  • Stereo Digital I/O
  • S/PDIF coaxial via RCA connectors
  • Word Clock I/O
  • MIDI Ports: MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, 5pin Din connectors conform to MIDI specifications
  • EQ Section: 4 band parametric EQ on inputs 1-16, effects returns, AUX sends and stereo output. 2-band parametric EQ on inputs 17-24. 4 band EQ: 20Hz -20kHz, 1/12 octave, Q range 0.1 – 10.
    High and low EQ bands can be configured as shelving or peaking, with the high band capable of being configured as LPF, and the low band as HPF. EQ gain settings range from -18 to +18dB. EQ settings can also be copied between channels via the equalizer library.
  • Solo/Mute: PFL/AFL soloing. Muting available on input channels
  • Channel Level Control: 15 x 60mm motorized faders
  • Phantom Power: +48V phantom power on all 12 mic inputs
  • Internal Signal Processing: 32-bit internal DSP, 44-bit internal EQ
  • Memory: Scene:99; EQ: 80(40 preset, 40 user); Effects: 99 (42 preset, 57 user); Dynamics: 80 (40 preset, 40 user)
  • Including Tascam CD-Player
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