Want to put down a light show without having to take a large and expensive light control? This recorder has a DMX input and can record and save the incoming DMX signal. When lighting is connected to the DMX output, the recorded show can be played again with one push of a button. A total of four shows can be stored and the recorder has a memory of 1 Megabyte, which can be expanded with a Compact Flash card of 32 Megabyte.


  • DMX recorder
  • Save 4 shows (512 DMX channels)
  • Shortcut keys for recording, playback, pause and stop shows
  • Bright 2×16 digit LCD screen
  • 1 MB internal memory
  • CF card reader on front
  • 32 MB CF card optional (article number HL50449)
  • DMX in: 3-pin XLR male / 5-pin XLR male
  • DMX from: 3-pin XLR female / 5-pin XLR female
  • SMTPE in: 3-pin XLR female
  • SMTPE thru: 3-pin XLR male
  • 24/25/30 frames SMTPE signal
  • Shows to trigger via DMX
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