3G-SDI to DVI and RGB/Component Converter


  • Input: Female BNC with buffered loop-through for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI
  • Outputs: DVI-D and 15-pin HD connectors for digital and analog RGB or component video; captive screw connector for balanced stereo audio
  • Automatically adapts to SMPTE and ITU digital video standards for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI — Complies with SMPTE 259M, ITU-R BT.601, SMPTE 292M, ITU-R BT.1120, SMPTE 372M, and SMPTE 424M standards.
  • Supports data rates from 270 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps — The DVC 501 SD accepts data rates from standard definition NTSC and PAL to HDTV 1080p/60.
  • Simultaneous DVI-D and analog RGB / component video outputs — The DVC 501 SD offers high resolution digital and analog video outputs that allow for easy integration of 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI signals into DVI or RGB-based AV devices and systems.
  • AES audio de-embedding — An embedded AES stereo audio stream can be extracted and then output from the DVC 501 SD. Audio output can be balanced or unbalanced, and adjusted for attenuation.
  • HDMI audio embedding — The selected AES stereo audio pair from the SDI input can be embedded onto the HDMI-compatible DVI output.
  • HDMI/DVI Interface Format Correction — Automatically enables or disables embedded audio and infoframes, and sets the correct color space for proper connection to HDMI and DVI displays.
  • Audio attenuation control
  • Input equalization and reclocking on buffered output — The DVC 501 SD automatically equalizes incoming 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI signals, and reshapes and restores the signals on the buffered output.
  • Analog RGB or component video output — The DVC 501 SD can be set to output analog RGB as RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB, or component video as R-Y, B-Y, Y.
  • Bi-level or tri-level sync available for component video output
  • Internal video test patterns for calibration and setup — The unit offers several video test patterns to facilitate proper system setup and calibration of display devices.
  • Output muting control — Provides the capability to mute the video and/or audio output.