The SPX-4 top has highly efficient, high-quality drivers with a ‘balance-drive’ horn design for a perfect reproduction of the tuning area and a nice punchy bass. The combination of waveguide technology and the super efficient active system design makes the SPX-4 a handy light-weight powerhouse! An unparalleled ratio between size, weight and sound pressure!

The combination of the ultra-lightweight speaker cabinet design, the use of neodymium magnet speakers and a highly efficient class D amplifier results in a total system weight of only 45 kg! (that is 50% less compared to its predecessor, the Sp4-D top!). The set can be assembled within a minute without having to lift. Connecting is also very easy.

Height and footprint:
If you stack the SPX-4 on an SP2-18, the HF horn is immediately positioned correctly (2.2 meters high), so that an unhindered spread of the sound is guaranteed. The footprint of the set is only 45 x 60 cm (WxD). That is even less than a traditional speaker tripod / tripod!

The Sound Projects ‘Nano-armor’ coating protects the system against bad soaking, dust etc. It is easy to clean, very durable and does not mirror.

Power consumption:
The set has low power consumption due to its efficient Class D power amplifiers!


  • Drivers: 1 x 1.4 “, 1 x 12” high power, low weight, neodymium design.
  • Freq. response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Max. peak SPL @ 1m: 138dB or 2 (6 dB)
  • Coverage angle: 85H x 30V
  • Output: 1200W sine (DALC limited)
  • Crossover: 1.4 kHz, 4th order
  • Filter subsonic: 60Hz, 2nd order
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01 Cover for SPX-4
01 Powercable Powercon to Schuko 1,5mtr 3x1,5mm²
01 Link Powercon to Powercon 3x1,5mm²